The Qualified Sales Leader
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The Qualified Sales Leader

Proven Lessons from a Five-Time CRO

John McMahonJohn McMahon • 2021

Simplicity and Organization

by David Meyer

Tech sales legend John McMahon provides wise, actionable advice for sales managers by offering parables – which seem extraneous – and direct guidance – which seems priceless.

Tech sales legend John McMahon – a former chief revenue officer at five public enterprise software companies – offers a playbook on B2B selling. He simplifies enterprise technology sales and tells you how to avoid frenetic sales activity. He says sales managers must be teachers and role models. McMahon illustrates his inspiring sales management advice with educational stories, candid pointers and an animal parable.

Simplify Everything

A capable, cunning and talented fox named Sly Smartass lives in the forest. His speed, intelligence and agility make him a successful nighttime hunter. Billy Basics – a genetic anomaly who combines the traits of a hedgehog, porcupine and armadillo –also lives in the forest.Billy lacks Sly’s winning attributes and sharp vision. He can barely see. Sly can run at a blazing 40 miles per hour; fat little Billy waddles like a duck. 

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