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The Rules of Management

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The Rules of Management

A Definitive Code for Managerial Success

FT Prentice Hall,

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What's inside?

Want to know the secrets to success? Follow these "real" rules for managers.

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New or struggling managers will enjoy this practical, easy-to-read book of management tips, but experienced managers should take a look, too. Richard Templar writes in a "straight-from-the-cuff" style (no dry textbook terminology or dusty case studies here). He packs his manual with great, even if a bit obvious, lists of advice. getAbstract recommends this breezy, practical rulebook. To be a better manager, read it and ask yourself if you are still following the best practices. If you know what to do, are you doing it? If you don’t know what to do, start reading.


What Other Management Books and Classes Didn’t Tell You

Every manager wants to know the secrets to being a successful boss and still keeping your sanity - this applies to you, too, especially if you are a new manager. Basically, those secrets fall into two categories - the rules for managing your subordinates, employees or team - and the rules for managing yourself and your workload. These are the "unwritten" rules, the stuff good managers just seem to know, the advice your personal mentor would give you if you had one. Good managers have discovered these tips by trial and error, so use their experience to accelerate your mastery of managing. Mostly, this is common-sense advice (the stuff your management classes skipped), but the power isn’t in knowing it - the power is in doing it.

Rules for Managing Your Employees

Though these rules are not secret revelations, they are good standard operating procedures:

  • Manage the process - Teach people and allow them to manage themselves.
  • Get employees emotionally involved - Show them how their efforts make a difference. When staffers care, they do their best. Believe in them.
  • Command respect...

About the Author

Richard Templar is the author of several books including The Rules of Work and I Don’t Want Any More Cheese, I Just Want Out of the Trap! He has years of management experience in various industries and is a recognized management training expert.

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