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The Six Stages of Digital Transformation Maturity

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The Six Stages of Digital Transformation Maturity

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Digital transformation takes a predictable path to maturity. What level has your company reached so far? 

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Leaders are recognizing the imperative of digital transformation, but executing the complex and open-ended process can present severe challenges. Brian Solis – a leading independent digital analyst, digital transformation thought leader and award-winning author – offers valuable insights and guidance based on his work with businesses undergoing digital transformation. His concise, useful white paper outlines the six stages on the way to digital maturity and illustrates the process with case studies from organizations at various stages.


Digital transformation (DT) is a complex, ongoing and purposeful organizationwide journey.

Many companies are becoming tech-enabled, but true digital transformation requires affirming the purpose of morphing the company into a resilient, nimble and innovative organization.

Genuine digital transformation involves entire organizations: It affects the enterprise’s IT systems as well as sales teams, supply chains, marketing, customer service and HR. Digital transformation lacks an end state since it involves a continuing process of maintaining relevance and competitiveness. Executives at more than 60% of companies feel their organizations are evolving too slowly.

DT leaders need to build on an understanding of how people’s behavior and expectations are going to change.

For most digitally maturing companies, the process starts with this understanding. Digital transformation enables a company to compete in changing markets, but digital technology has also driven changes in customers’ shopping styles and employees’ work...

About the Author

Brian Solis is an independent digital analyst studying enterprise and consumer technologies to understand their impact on businesses, markets and society. He’s also an award-winning author, prominent blogger and frequent keynote speaker.

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