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Undeniably, emerging technologies are changing the way organizations do business. According to this study by Slack and market research firm GlobalWebIndex, however, most employees are ready to meet the challenge of rising automation and other technological disruptions to business as usual – but many lack the support they need to do so in an optimal fashion. As the report illustrates, the stark difference between employees who feel aligned with their company’s vision and values, and those who do not, underscores the need to prioritize a clearly communicated, people-centric corporate strategy. 

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Slack Technologies, Inc. is an international software company that designs and develops a communication platform for teams. GlobalWebIndex is a market research SaaS company.


New technology in the workplace doesn’t erase the need for a clearly articulated corporate strategy.

Emerging technologies have and will continue to change the ways organizations and their employees do business. According to one estimate, the key skills needed for the average job will shift by as much as 42% by 2022. Machines will take over more mundane and repetitive tasks, and workers will take on more analytical, problem-solving, collaborative and creative elements. Many knowledge workers feel prepared to tackle these challenges, but to do so optimally, they need more from their organizations than training and skill-development; they need a clearly communicated corporate vision and values, and the tools to help them achieve company goals.

Without a good understanding of their organization’s “North Star,” employees begin to feel disconnected from their work. They don’t see how their daily tasks contribute to the company’s goals, and they are less likely to engage in the kinds of innovative and collaborative actions that boost the company’s bottom line. Building a positive work culture – one that supports collaboration – and maintaining employee...

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