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The Success Factor

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The Success Factor

Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance

Kogan Page,

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Stop merely dreaming of success. Unleash your full potential by adopting the mind-set and behavior of high achievers.

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Quit telling yourself you’ll accomplish your goals someday, and start learning the skills you need to become a high achiever today. In her practical guide for aspiring highfliers that is brimming with real-life anecdotes and examples, executive coach Ruth Gotian distills her valuable insights into the mind-set and behavioral patterns of high achievers. When you adopt the attitude of a high achiever, says Gotian, you nurture and sustain a greater sense of freedom, happiness and creativity.


Mind-set is the factor that differentiates high achievers from everyone else.

Are you a dreamer who talks about what you wish you could do but never progress toward accomplishing your goals? Stop merely dreaming of success; commit to achieving your goals by adopting the mind-set of high achievers. High achievers identify the areas that best suit their natural talent or the niche subject on which they are known authorities, and they invest time and energy into continuously improving their skills and knowledge. Those who perform at the highest level share four characteristics: They are intrinsically motivated to excel; they have a strong work ethic and persevere even in the face of failure and rejection; they master the basics of their subject areas and never get complacent; and they embark on a path of lifelong learning. Moreover, high achievers relish being mentors to others.

When you rise to the top of your field by outworking and outperforming others, you gain control over the projects you focus on and the way in which you structure your time and career. Thus, as you...

About the Author

Ruth Gotian, the chief learning officer of anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, has ​​​​mentored and coached top executives at successful global companies for more than 40 years.

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