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The Successful Manager

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The Successful Manager

Practical Approaches for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

Mike Kavanagh, James Potter,

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Managing people can be your greatest challenge and greatest reward.

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Learning to be a great manager requires dedication and effort. James Potter and Mike Kavanagh’s terrific guidebook of management fundamentals provides new leaders with applicable, pragmatic counsel on the art and science of managing people. Managers have a substantive impact on the people they lead, offering them professional development, structure, support, knowledge, guidance and recognition. The authors advise showing your team members how they contribute to your organization’s mission to help give their work meaning.


The transition into management is a notable career milestone.

Congratulations! You were just promoted into your first management job – or you’re about to wrap up your MBA and a new management job is right around the corner. Moving into management is a meaningful milestone, a wonderful personal opportunity and a tremendous challenge. Take a moment to celebrate this important career step.

Most organizations do little or nothing to prepare new managers, generally leaving them to figure things out by themselves, sink or swim. Along with getting only a little helpful direction from your bosses, you probably won’t hear much useful feedback from the people you supervise, either. Their natural inclination will be to avoid opening up to you until they see how your promotion affects them and what ramifications it might have. They will wait to discover who you are, how you manage and whether they can trust you.

Every manager wants to become a “top-tier manager.”

Every new manager should have one goal: to learn to be a great manager. If you want to become a great leader, realize that the challenges ...

About the Authors

James Potter is a senior managing director and global practice leader at Blue Ridge Partners. Founder of Back to the Breath Mike Kavanagh is a coach, author, meditation and breathwork teacher.

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