Summary of The “Take This Job and Shove It” Job Market – What to Do?

The “Take This Job and Shove It” Job Market – What to Do? summary

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It’s a job seeker’s market, so your company has to work harder to find and attract talent. HR thought leader Josh Bersin explains how to do this in an episode of his personal podcast. He makes a strong case for burnishing your brand, enhancing your employee experience and investing in a strong recruitment function. If you’re struggling to fill open positions, you’ll benefit from Bersin’s wisdom. 

About the Podcast

Josh Bersin is a renowned industry analyst, author, adviser and educator focused on the topics of HR, leadership and workplace technology solutions. He founded Bersin by Deloitte. 


It’s a job seeker’s market.

Companies need to find a competitive edge in a job seeker’s market. In the United States alone, 14 million jobs were created in early 2021. During the month of May, almost four million Americans quit their job – mostly due to better job prospects somewhere else. In addition, many people furloughed during the pandemic have been hesitant to go back to their old jobs. Another indication that the job market is tight is the high percentage of internal hiring among America’s largest companies.

To attract talent, enhance your brand and invest in excellent recruiters.

In a tight labor market, a job candidate’s perception of a company – or employment brand – can make the difference between accepting a job offer or not. A poor review on Glassdoor or LinkedIn can do serious damage to a company’s employment brand. In addition...

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