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The Ten Rules of High Performance Living

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The Ten Rules of High Performance Living


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Simplify. Lighten up. Take charge. Be happy. Wash off. Eat well. Stay fit. Soothe your soul. Have a purpose. Balance your life.

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Barnet Meltzer, M.D., a health advisor to Olympic athletes and an expert in the clinical practice of preventive medicine, has written a valuable, straightforward guide to a balanced, healthy and successful lifestyle. His book includes plenty of detailed information, advice, techniques and guidelines for physical and emotional wellness, absent any useless fluff or filler. recommends this tidy manual to everyone interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy, less stressful life. Ten rules, no waiting. As self-help goes, this is about as specific and on target as it gets.



"High performance living" can teach you how to stay healthy and prevent illness. The ten-part approach is based on prevention and teaches you to focus on your body and mind to achieve balance and well being - the exact opposite of the stressful, undesirable lifestyle of burnout, fatigue and disease. The key to good health and disease prevention is a strong immune system. Emotional stress, addictions, negative thinking, poor nutrition, depression and self-abusive behaviors actually degenerate and destroy your immune system. Reversing and preventing these blows to your health will strengthen and maintain your immune system so it can properly prevent and fight diseases, from the potentially fatal to the common cold. All ten rules of these rules support your vital immune system.

Rule One: Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life begins with knowing how to recognize what has the greatest value to you. Then you can address and meet your needs and create a balanced, purposeful lifestyle. Remove clutter and confusion from your life, so you can come to know yourself, your needs and your priorities. This beginning is so important because - in the process...

About the Authors

Barnet Meltzer, , M.D., is a pioneering authority in the field of clinical nutrition and is a health advisor to Olympic athletes. He has been a board-certified physician and surgeon for 25 years, a professor and radio talk show host. He now is in private practice in Del Mar, California.

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