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The Thank You Economy book summary

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    E. R. 9 years ago
    Teresa - You might also like Employees First, Customers Second, which just went online this week. It picks up on the theme you mention - caring for your employees.
    E. Rauzin, managing editor, getAbstract
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    J. S. 9 years ago
    VERY good book - excellent ideas - I believe Gary is spot on with his thoughts and ideas.
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      Koni Gebistorf 9 years ago
      If you're a wine enthusiast, make sure you watch some of his videos on YouTube. Hilarious.
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    W. W. 9 years ago
    I wish you had included some of the chapter titles so that one would know more about what the book covers.

    William Wargo
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      Erica Rauzin 9 years ago
      Thanks for the helpful suggestion, William. We really found a lot to cover in this book - and more subheads might have meant less room for meaty content, though I see the need for guideposts, as you suggest. Your comment confirms our general approach that we want to share these great books with our readers in a logical way that reflects as much of the content as possible. We appreciate your feedback very much. E. Rauzin, managing editor, getAbstract
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    M. M. 9 years ago
    I always wanted to know what about is social media? and finally found the answer to my question. Now is the time to get into the social media marketing. Thanks to the economy!!