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The Transparent Sales Leader

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The Transparent Sales Leader

How The Power of Sincerity, Science & Structure Can Transform Your Sales Team’s Results


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Todd Caponi urges sales managers and salespeople to be “real, authentic and transparent.”

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Author Todd Caponi, head of SalesMelon, tells B2B salespeople they can overcome client distrust by being transparent and authentic. An expert in decision-making, he tells sales managers to make sure their sales teams have “five Fs”: “focus, field, fundamentals, forecast (that is, the ability to predict sales) and fun.”Then he delves into behavioral science to explain how sales managers can foster their team’s intrinsic motivation by offering recognition, fairness, feedback, independence, security and purpose. This all adds up to a smart, applicable and science-based B2B sales and sales management toolbox


Sales leaders should be scientific and transparent.

In the B2B marketplace, as in most sectors, sales and sales leadership are completely different. Salespeople are independent actors, responsible for their own results. Sales leaders’ success depends on the salespeople on their teams. If salespeople don’t sell, sales leaders fail. So how can sales managers improve their teams’ results? One way is to adopt more scientific leadership strategies, using both standard motivational approaches and guidance from behavioral science. This smart approach can help sales managers inspire their teams.

Behavioral science indicates that it’s important for sales leaders to be transparent, not just with their team, but with their colleagues, bosses, CEO and board. Being authentic supports sales team engagement and performance.

Provide your sales team with “five Fs”: “focus, field, fundamentals, forecast and fun.”

Sales leaders can use a research-based framework to help salespeople pursue their most promising opportunities. Provide these fundamentals:

Focus – Target the most promising...

About the Author

Sales Melon LLC leader Todd Caponi hosts The Sales History podcast. He also wrote The Transparency Sale: How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results. 

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