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The Truth About Being a Leader

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The Truth About Being a Leader

... And Nothing But the Truth

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If you want to unlock the door of leadership every week of the year, try these 52 key ideas.

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If you’ve read many leadership books, you may find that this compendium of common wisdom is more of a survey course than an in-depth revelation. Dr. Karen Otazo offers a year's worth of three-or-four page essays featuring leadership “truths.” Her appendix to these 52 entries suggests further reading on each topic. Otazo’s advice ranges from known verities to practical guidance to the occasional gem. If you want useful reminders or a handy rundown for a new leader, getAbstract thinks these tips will do the job nicely.


The 52 Truths

Becoming a leader means recognizing and addressing your organization’s power structures, demands and expectations. As a leader, you are expected to inspire and guide people, and to help make your organization stronger. While every leader and each leadership position is different, some common traits link them all. If you have or aspire to have a leadership role, heed these tips:

  1. “More responsible roles require more bandwidth” Leaders must broaden their horizons. To lead, you must balance many spheres, including managing stress, sharpening your work habits, setting up good systems, building “vision and strategy,” and creating good relationships up and down the ladder, but especially with your boss.
  2. “Inheriting an assistant requires re-education” The assistant who came with your new office may still be loyal to the former occupant. Build this relationship so your aide can trust you and be loyal. If your assistant isn’t strong enough, offer some coaching.
  3. “Staffing your leadership office” Your assistant...

About the Author

Dr. Karen Otazo is an executive coach with more than 25 years of experience with major corporate clients in the U.S., China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the U.K.

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