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Chet Holmes provides a program built on 12 foundational skills which he says can double your sales. The steps are practical, sensible and focused on action. Holmes directs his instructions to salespeople who take responsibility, practice their skills and work smart. If you fall into that category, his method will help you realize your sales goals step by step, by using time management, sharp marketing, great hiring and polished sales skills. Executives, sales managers and sales professionals will welcome this sales classic.


Use 12 “ultimate sales” strategies. Big sales improvements come from working smarter not harder.

To build your “Ultimate Sales Machine,” perfect 12 fundamental building blocks and polish them repeatedly. You’ll double your sales and have fun doing it.

Ask most people about improving their sales performance, and they will talk about working harder, putting in longer hours, making more calls and giving up weekends – but that will only improve sales at the margins. The secret is to work smarter. Athletes, artists and anyone who achieves success does so through training, practice and a deep commitment to fundamental principles they master, and then polish again and again.

1. You cannot get more time, so use your hours deliberately.

You get just 24 hours each day, so use them efficiently. Learning great time management is crucial, but getting your salespeople to manage their work time is even more vital.

Plan on spending many months emphasizing these time-management skills until each staffer experiences an “epiphany.” Promote these steps by setting an example:

  • “Touch it once” – Make a decision when choices first...

About the Author

Chet Holmes is a leading corporate trainer. Nearly 1,000 companies have learned his sales method. 

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