The Vision Driven Leader
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The Vision Driven Leader

10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business

Vision Quest

by David Meyer

Prolific author and leadership consultant Michael Hyatt offers a practical step-by-step program for creating a vision for your business and making it a reality.

Leadership and management consultant and prolific author Michael Hyatt understands that you can’t lead without vision. Leaders who want to achieve the seemingly unattainable, Hyatt says, must create a vivid picture, not only of their intended destination, but of the journey toward that end.  In this practical manual, Hyatt asks and answers fundamental questions that help leaders share an exciting vision and guide their teams to successful execution. If you wonder how you can clarify your goals and your team’s big, long-term objectives, while inspiring team members to follow your lead, he sets out to provide some answers.

Other leadership and self-help authors appreciate Hyatt’s approach. As Seth Godin said, “Michael Hyatt has created a fun, fast way to find your dreams and then turn them into reality.” Hyatt’s books span a broad range of self-help and leadership topics. In this one, he connects to his core ideas and offers a worthwhile program team leaders can use.

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