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The fight to save a butterfly sanctuary in Mission, Texas from President Trump’s border wall symbolizes a global push by governments to keep migrants at bay at any cost, including the environment. This article takes a liberal view of the “nature politics” surrounding seizure of lands and natural resources from local and indigenous people. Unable to stop these military takeovers and eminent domain laws in court, environmentalists try to build bridges between politicians and people. But like the monarch butterfly, they face a long, arduous journey. Longreads writer Will Meyer’s article will engage anyone concerned with the intersection between environmentalism and politics.

About the Author

Will Meyer is editor of The Shoestring, a local publication in Western Massachusetts.


The National Butterfly Center fights for survival as plans progress to build a border wall through Mission, Texas.

The National Butterfly Center is a unique habitat and is slated for complete destruction. It is considered critical for 300 bird and 240 butterfly species. Since the late 1800s, America’s “nature politics” has ceded all resources to government entities, paving the way for seizure of lands from local and indigenous inhabitants while subjugating all living things that exist in those spaces.

Racial and cultural inequalities clash with powerful economic interests for control of natural resources. 

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