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Dorothy Gale, the heroine of The Wizard of Oz, had one goal: Get back to Kansas. But first, she had to embark on a journey of personal discovery. Little did she know that – with every step – she wore the answer to her dilemma on her own two feet. As Partners In Leadership consultants Roger Connors and Tom Smith explain, first Dorothy had to discover the secrets of personal accountability. Then she could click those magic ruby slippers. In the sequel to their bestseller, The Oz Principle, Connors and Smith walk you through four steps to taking responsibility for your life and accomplishing your goals. getAbstract recommends their advice to anyone seeking a personal or professional Yellow Brick Road. Now, you won’t need a Good Witch to help you.

About the Authors

Roger Connors and Tom Smith are the co-authors of four New York Times bestsellers, including The Oz Principle. The two co-founded Partners In Leadership (PIL), the world’s premier provider of Accountability Training and Culture Change services with a mission to help clients achieve their mission.



“If I Only Had A Heart, a Brain, the Nerve…”

Do you ask yourself how great it would be if your boss gave you that promotion or if you could earn a college degree? Do you ever wonder what you can do today to achieve the results you desire so much, but don’t really know how to begin pursuing them? One of many “Oz Principles”: “Do something now.” Nobody achieves anything desirable by sitting around waiting for it. Instead, make the decision to “be in control.” This is the concept of “personal accountability” and the lesson of L. Frank Baum’s timeless children’s classic, The Wizard of Oz.

This collection of 34 Oz Principles describes simple tactics you can put to work to help you achieve your goals. These principles guide you in taking personal accountability for your life. What is the secret to following the Oz Principles? Take control of yourself. Understand that “your success depends largely on you.” Don’t wait for a mysterious wizard to hand you the magic solution to your problems. Take action now. “Get off the couch.”

Most people find they can advance if they can shed old habits of inaction and set clear goals. For example, comedian and...

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    B. M. 4 years ago
    I went looking to find out how I could support peers in holding their teams accountable. Some great lessons here about building the personal awareness to manage ourselves.
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    M. Z. 5 years ago
    I'll try what I've just learnt now. Very interesting!