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Think to Win

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Think to Win

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Thinking


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What's inside?

TTW – the “Think to Win” approach – helps you apply strategy to your business or personal life.

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Since 2005, consultants Paul Butler, John Manfredi and Peter Klein have used their strategic “Think to Win” (TTW) system to enhance decision-making at their companies and their clients’ businesses. Their experience and advice can help those who need to address their corporate or personal life more strategically. While the TTW system isn’t as simple as the authors suggest, it is effective. If you want to plunge deeply into strategic and tactical advice, put your diving gear on and jump in. getAbstract recommends this insightful manual to anyone who wants to apply strategic thinking to daily life or commerce.


“Think to Win”

You don’t need complex concepts, abstract algorithms or convoluted philosophizing to make smart business or personal decisions. The Think to Win (TTW) system offers a straightforward, organized approach to strategic decision making. This step-by-step, “think-plan-act” system enables you to assess any situation, examine its particulars and set priorities. This tactic applies to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as well as to individual problem solving and planning.

Duracell’s Turnaround

Executives who have used TTW successfully include Mark Leckie, president of Duracell. When he took over, the battery giant was in trouble. Its market share had dropped for 11 consecutive quarters and earnings were down. Gillette, which had recently acquired Duracell, expected it to be a prestigious addition. But Gillette’s decision appeared disastrous, and its reputation suffered.

Management was not Duracell’s problem; its executives were hard-working battery industry experts. Leckie felt good about his management team. Duracell’s fall from grace had nothing to do with its product quality. Its batteries enjoyed an excellent reputation among...

About the Authors

Paul Butler is the founder and managing director of GlobalEdg LLC. John Manfredi founded Manloy Associates, a strategic consulting firm. Peter Klein is the founder of PK Associates, a growth-management consultancy.

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