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First, smell happiness. Turn to page five, scratch the page, bring the book close, shut your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. The smell defies precise description, though author Simon Sinek identifies it as the “smell of optimism.” Whether you find something special in the wonderful scent or breathing deeply just feels good, you’ll find yourself soothed and relaxed as you absorb the poetic message of this brief book, illuminated by dramatic, charming illustrations by Ethan M. Aldridge. In this feast for the senses, Sinek uses a “playground” metaphor to celebrate the power of having courage, acting on your dreams, succeeding through teamwork and practicing servant leadership. His simple message will resonate deeply as you read the book, read his notes and reread the book – all of which should take you no more than about 90 minutes. Sinek believes in a world where everyone loves and takes inspiration from everyone else, and where everyone feels “safe and fulfilled” at work. Don’t expect revelations, however; Sinek offers a simple, solid and traditional message about being brave, taking chances, loving life and work, and – his magic formula – putting others first. getAbstract recommends this little book of inspiration to young and old, leaders, employees, parents, politicians and especially those about to embark on their careers.

About the Author

Simon Sinek began his career as an advertising executive but left to pursue his vision of purpose and leadership. Sinek’s TED Talks and books now inspire millions of people.


Sinek offers these insights and suggestions:

1. Love your life and your work.

Too many people slog their way through life and work. You don’t have to live in that rut, Sinek asserts. You should love your work and feel safe and fulfilled. Sinek recognizes that your journey to this ideal place may take years, but he urges you to take the first steps right away – now. He advises you not to accept anything less than career and life fulfillment. That’s easily said, Sinek realizes; finding the alternatives is up to you.

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