Together Is Better
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Together Is Better

A Little Book of Inspiration

Simon SinekPortfolio • 2016

Be Generous and Brave

by David Meyer

Simon Sinek offers a straightforward, moving and even poetic book on finding your joy in the service of others.

To vest in bestseller Simon Sinek’s guide to finding your magic, smell happiness. Turn to page five, scratch the page, bring the book close, shut your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. The smell defies precise description, though Sinek identifies it as the scent of positive thinking. Whether you find something special in the wonderful scent or breathing deeply feels meditative, you may be soothed and relaxed as you absorb the poetic message of Sinek’s brief treatise. In this feast for the senses – including charming illustrations by Ethan M. Aldridge – Sinek celebrates the power of having courage, acting on your dreams, succeeding through teamwork and practicing servant leadership.

It doesn’t matter when we start. It doesn’t matter where we start. All that matters is that we start. Simon Sinek

In Sinek’s bestsellers Leaders Eat Last and Find Your Why, he discusses in depth the need to put others first, to pay attention to what your heart tells you and to find courage by vesting less in your ego. Here, he distills the themes of his longer, more business-oriented works to present straightforward advice for connecting to joy and nurturing it for yourself and those around you.

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    N. S. 2 years ago
    Really helpful and very simple words that really matters in day to day Life.
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    R. V. 3 years ago
    Really Nice, simple but powerful. I am in line with it 100 %. Thanks for sharing