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Toyota Talent

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Toyota Talent


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Follow Toyota's world-class system for training and developing talent and you'll soon be in the driver's seat.

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Toyota's worldwide reputation is built on its reputation for quality and reliability, and its remarkably efficient operations. Manufacturers recognize Toyota as the model for superior industrial production in the 21st century. Toyota invests heavily in employee training and education because its executives believe that their workers hold the key to Toyota's competitive advantage. Toyota employees are dedicated, knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic. Jeffrey K. Liker and David P. Meier say that your organization can benefit from emulating Toyota's training program. It's a matter of making the commitment. getAbstract highly recommends studying this book. You'll feel as if Toyota's most revered sensei (the Japanese title for "teacher") is explaining, step by step, how your company can organize a job-training program that will lead to Toyota-style success.


Toyota – Putting Employees First

Toyota is a world-class automobile manufacturer that is known for producing very dependable cars and trucks. It is also an extremely profitable, efficient company that operates with minimal waste. A quality-driven workforce has made Toyota's famous, highly touted manufacturing system the envy of other companies. Toyota bases its meticulously planned production system on a set of core principles. Six of these precepts relate directly to employee development:

  1. Base all operations and activities on fostering the long-term future of the company, not on achieving short-term profits or immediate stock value. Invest heavily in employees, their careers, their training and their future.
  2. Standardize whenever possible. Empower workers to perform as trusted partners so they continuously perfect all of the company’s production and work processes. This will increase efficiency and reduce waste.
  3. Ensure that all managers and supervisors thoroughly understand their responsibilities and can capably instruct their subordinates. Being a good teacher is the most important job requirement for individuals...

About the Authors

Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D., is a University of Michigan professor who teaches industrial and operations engineering. David P. Meier, a former Toyota executive, is the president of a corporate consulting firm.

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