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How to Perform Death-defying Feats of Business Transformation


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Business transformation often proves as difficult as it is necessary. Here’s how to get it right.

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A large majority of business transformation efforts fail, Angie Tuglus warns. Indeed, business transformation often proves as difficult, costly and risky as it is necessary. To help you navigate this treacherous terrain, Tuglus – who has guided transformational change for companies like Ford Motors – provides a step-by-step framework for achieving transformation, whatever your business or industry. She offers illustrative examples, diagrams and detailed tools to support your journey. Surely, you’ll need far more than Tuglus’ advice to succeed – but her book is a good place to start.


The pace of global change demands constant vigilance, adaptation and transformation.

Firms that fail to change usually fail altogether. The COVID-19 pandemic forced rapid changes on many firms, as crises often do – but no company can afford to wait for a crisis to set change in motion. Leaders should build their organization’s capacity for deep change, making transformation a regular process and a core competency.

The imperative for more frequent, sweeping change has grown, but transformation remains as difficult and gut-wrenching as ever. According to McKinsey, 70% of attempts at transformation fail. Worse, this number hasn’t improved in decades. These failures have enormous consequences, including the hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year and the disappearance or diminution of once-mighty companies. 

Successful transformations look alike. They employ the universal elements of successful change – a framework that succeeds across every industry and every organization, both online and traditional. Before transformation begins, leaders must assemble top people with the right capabilities to lead the...

About the Author

Angie Tuglus is an independent executive adviser with experience in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 10. As an executive, she led transformations for Ford Motor Company and Ally Financial.

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