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Transforming Project Management

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Transforming Project Management

An Essential Paradigm for Turning Your Strategic Planning into Action


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Project management has become increasingly sophisticated, but it still has a big problem: Far too often, projects come in over budget and after deadline. Leaning on decades of experience enhancing the efficiency of software development and other initiatives, project management leader Duane Petersen shares a plan for bidding jobs more realistically and getting them done right. Whether you’re a project manager, employer or prospective client in search of better management for the projects you lead, Petersen’s advice will enhance your chances of successful outcomes.


Strategic planners and project managers must collaborate.

Strategic planners and project managers may have different ways of thinking and communicating that impede them working toward common goals. Include a project manager on every strategic planning team, so you factor in his or her insights and expertise at the outset.

Strategic planners can improve project outcomes by helping project managers understand how their project factors into the overall strategic plan and the planning process. Strategic planners must avoid favoritism, have the backing of the client business or organization, face issues head-on, be willing to question existing organizational structures, and manage internal and external relationships.

Project management needs to up its game.

Project managers have room for improvement, too. Project management must develop the sophistication to estimate time and budget parameters correctly at the start of jobs. It takes professional diligence to produce consistently satisfying results when handling such variables as risk management, monitoring, emerging best practices ...

About the Author

Duane Petersen is a consultant and CEO of UltiMentors, which provides training for project managers and their customers.

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