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“Ultralearner” Scott Young practices what he preaches. He learned four languages in 12 months, learned the content of an MIT degree in a year and learned to draw competent portraits in a month. He shares insights from his experiences and those of other people who learned new, complex skills and entirely new disciplines, often quickly, by using nine principles of efficient, self-directed learning. Young’s techniques offer an alternative, practical approach to learning. Some of his methods are well-known, but his overall strategy will speak to students, anyone ambitious and anyone trying a career change.


Use the intense process of ultralearning to learn new skills and knowledge quickly.

The vast array of information online today, including courses and degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities, makes a new form of rapid, self-directed learning – “ultralearning” – possible and practical.

Whether for career progression or job security, today’s fast-changing, increasingly stratified workforce demands that you acquire the skills to do high-paying work or risk being relegated to low-paying, insecure jobs. But, learning new skills in the traditional way – classes and degree programs – takes time and money. Instead, consider online ultralearning.

Ultralearning techniques work whether you have natural talent and innate high intelligence or you struggled through school and dislike learning, and regardless of whether you can learn full time or spare only a few hours weekly.

Despite the similarities among ultralearners, this method doesn’t follow a formula or a standard list of best practices...

About the Author

Ultralearner Scott Young learned the content of an MIT degree in 12 months and learned four languages in a year by using ultralearning techniques and principles.

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