Uncanny Valley
A review of

Uncanny Valley

A Memoir

Anna WienerMCD x FSG • 2020

Inside Silicon Valley

by David Meyer

New York Times bestselling writer Anna Wiener presents an insider portrait of Silicon Valley at a crucial moment in history and explains how that moment changed her life.

In this New York Times bestseller – which the Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, NPR, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, Self and myriad more publications chose as a Best Book of the year – New Yorker contributor Anna Wiener details the seductions and toxins of Silicon Valley’s money, ambition and optimism.

A New York intellectual out of place in the misogyny and bro-hood of the tech universe, Wiener writes with equal insight and eloquence about the consciousness and senseless rituals and norms of Silicon Valley and their oppressive effect on her.

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