Summary of Unleashing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Potential in Organizations

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Unleashing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Potential in Organizations summary
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Entrepreneur Alexander Osterwalder runs a fruitful panel amid the 9th Global Peter Drucker Forum, where the theme was “Growth and Inclusive Prosperity.” This meeting of innovative minds includes Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank, innovation researcher Efosa Ojomo, social media and workplace visionary Ashok Krish, and professor of innovation management Bill Fischer. getAbstract suggests this talk to business leaders and R&D professionals.

About the Speakers

Alexander Osterwalder and Steve Blank are entrepreneurs. Bill Fischer teaches innovation management at IMD business school. Ashok Krish is a social media and workplace visionary for TCS Digital Enterprise. Efosa Ojomo is a research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation.



Typically, the wealthy make up a sliver of any economy. They can afford the latest offerings, but those with lower incomes can’t. Economic prosperity hinges on innovations reaching as many consumers as possible. Thus, accessibility must innovation’s goal. Reaching a new market generates jobs and spurs development. By contrast, “sustaining innovations” boost an offering’s performance, and “efficiency innovations” let firms “do more with less.”

The concept of the “lean start-up” sprang from awareness that 20th-century investors viewed start-ups as corporations in miniature and expected like behavior. Yet, large firms “execute...

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