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Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits

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Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits

How Your Leadership Behavior Can Unlock Profitability in your Organization


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The successful implementation of any management system depends on the behavior of the people who must carry it out. What the behavioral scientists have to tell you about managing your company, and why you need to listen.

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This absorbing, practical book advocates the use of behavioral science in the workplace to achieve increased profits. This is a valuable resource for those who work in a group setting because it supplies helpful information on communicating effectively within a team. Author Leslie Wilk Braksick structured the book logically and wrote it clearly. She provides numerous real-life examples of how to apply the principles in the text. getAbstract recommends this book to anyone who leads an organization or manages people, and to all executives who want to add behavioral science techniques to their leadership skills.


Behavioral Science in the Workplace

Every business leader needs vision and strategy to be successful. But that alone does not insure successful implementation of new initiatives. You should also include the additional element of behavior. Behavior is the only business condition that is both internal and within a business’s ability to control.

Every business initiative has three broad categories of activities: strategy, process, and behavior. Most organizations are good at developing strategies and at creating the processes to implement those strategies. However, businesses tend to give little thought to the behaviors that make the strategy and process work. Businesses generally also fail to consider the right consequences to support the behaviors that impel the desired results. Behavior is critical, because behavior is how good strategies get executed, how good processes get implemented, and how organizational cultures are integrated.

Remember these four major themes when you consider the impact of a leader’s behavior in an organization:

  1. As a leader, your behavior directly affects everyone within your organization.
  2. Everyone...

About the Author

Leslie Wilk Braksick, Ph.D., is co-founder and president of the Continuous Learning Group, Inc., a large, behaviorally-based consulting organization with Fortune 500 clients. The company provides guidance in business improvement, change, and profitability to more than 150 blue chip clients worldwide.

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