Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

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The practice of demographics – or “counting people,” as author Kenneth W. Gronbach puts it – relies more on art than science. Writing with researcher M.J. Moye, Gronbach admits that demographers can’t agree on much, including how to define the generations. He questions the bona fides of so-called generational experts and focuses mostly on the generations, though you might wish he’d given you even more on complex demographics. Gronbach offers a valuable index with recent, highly relevant numbers concerning where people move and what they want. He will sharpen your understanding of important US demographics in return for a relatively small investment of time. getAbstract finds that this well-structured text covers much that anyone in business, politics, government or health care needs to understand about population statistics and data, specifically in the United States.


The Importance of Demographics

You want to know the size of your customer base now and for the next 10 years and beyond. Basic knowledge of demographics will change the way you see your marketplace, and it will be particularly valuable in planning your future business strategy and marketing.

Positive demographic trends will power the United States’ economy. Generally negative demographic trends will hinder Europe and much of Asia. The mass retirement of baby boomers will keep US unemployment rates low. Healthy American birth and immigration rates will elevate the supply of well-skilled talent – especially versus Europe and Asia.

Population counts matter. Major shifts in the sales of products, real estate and services often seem to come suddenly. They catch observers off guard because business leaders forget to “count people.” But demographics – the counting of people – explain many commercial trends, including spikes in Florida real estate and massive drops in sales of Japanese motorcycles.

Age and Ethnic Distribution

You can sharpen your business planning if you know the age distribution of your company’s target...

About the Authors

Kenneth W. Gronbach runs KCG Direct, a speaking, consulting and research firm focused on demographics. He also wrote The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm. M.J. Moye served as editorial consultant and researcher for this book.