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Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life

Post Hill,

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Use images and metaphors to shape and share ideas.

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Leaders who want to draw attention to an idea or concept, boost understanding and make their messages memorable can – and should – harness the power of memorable graphics, metaphors and word pictures. As Todd Cherches explains, these visual tools can help leaders make decisions, take action and share their concepts. Cherches demonstrates the value of symbols and storytelling, as he encourages those who create and convey ideas to use strong images and comparisons to clarify and share their thinking. He offers concrete, applicable guidance and a range of poetic visual devices to help you use the power of imagery to strengthen your communications and your leadership effectiveness.


Pictures are powerful, often overlooked tools for thinking and communicating.

Thinking and communicating visually means expressing a concept in images. Visual communication spurs people’s attention and supports greater understanding and retention.

When you want to create an organizational vision – a picture of a better future – while reflecting on the past and attending to the present, consider the potent metaphor of looking through your car’s windshield, as you check the rearview mirror and the dashboard. That reflects your need to be alert constantly to all aspects of your organizational journey and reminds you how many different tasks you must take on at once.

As visuals and emojis become increasingly prevalent in communication in all fields and at all corporate levels, leaders can exploit the power of visuals to increase the effectiveness of their communications and build rapport with various audiences.

Visual leadership harnesses image-centered thinking and communication.

The essence of leadership is inspiring and maintaining your employees’ sense of  “passion and purpose.” This takes communication and vision...

About the Author

Todd Cherches, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies, co-founded and is CEO of BigBlueGumball, a management and leadership consultancy.

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