Clean water, a necessity for life, is becoming a scarce resource. Although water constitutes up to 60% of the human body and covers 71% of the planet’s surface area, water technologies receive just 0.12% of venture capital funding for early-stage companies. Water technologist Sonaar Luthra issues a clarion call to create a global water data collection service, similar to a weather service, to track water shortages and contamination and to protect supply chains and food safety. Drink in Luthra’s powerful message. It may save you and the planet.


The world’s current water data collection efforts are insufficient to forecast droughts and to track contamination.

To protect the world’s water supply, humanity must conserve more and pollute less. Alas, solving today’s water crisis isn’t so simple. Managing water supplies in the future will require a vast improvement in the quantity and quality of water data collected.

Current water usage statistics are inaccurate and outdated, which makes predicting water shortages impossible. The G20 countries don’t take precise measurements but rather estimate their water usage based on obsolete models that fail to account for the effects of climate change. Consider Chennai, India, which experienced devastating floods in 2015. Just three years later, following three consecutive years of subaverage rainfall, the city’s water reservoirs had almost completely dried up. This rapid change to the water cycle ...

About the Speaker

Sonaar Luthra is the founder and CEO of Water Canary, a water measurement and management service.

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