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Like most other finanical services, wealth management is feeling the stresses of digital transformation, changing demographics and cost pressures. Today, a handful of big-name banks and brokerage companies dominate the sector. But the ranks of boutique firms angling successfully for a growing cohort of well-heeled clients are expanding rapidly. The “next generation” of wealth management is forming at warp speed, according to journalist Helen Avery. Financial professionals will find her wide-lens report on industry shifts instructive and insightful.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What types of firms are making headway in the wealth management industry,
  • What the sector giants and boutique firms offer as their selling points, and
  • How the powerhouses of the wealth management industry plan to hang on to their lead.

About the Author

Helen Avery is a financial journalist and an editor at Euromoney.



The wealth management industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, as new technologies and competition make old ways of doing business obsolete. Today, boutique firms are gaining an ever-larger presence in the industry. Some of the new entries, like Rockefeller Capital Management, are expanding by acquiring suites of financial advisory firms or family offices. The goal is to compete with superior advice and services in the high-end market – represented by clients with investable assets of $25 million or more. Meanwhile, the biggest firms are getting bigger. At the end of 2017, the top three...

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