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Web-Based Human Resources

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Web-Based Human Resources

The Technologies and Trends That Are Transforming HR


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The nuts and bolts of Web-based HR.

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Editor Alfred J. Walker briefly introduces the new Web-based technologies that are enabling human resource (HR) managers to operate more effectively. He then offers a series of 17 articles by different authors covering these new approaches. The topics covered include Web-based employee self-service, delivering employee benefits over the Web, creating an HR service center, outsourcing and using the Web for a variety of services, including recruiting, staffing, compensation planning, employee development and knowledge management. This specialized book will primarily interest HR professionals, top executives and information technology professionals involved in setting up HR information systems. Since HR professionals are attuned to human failings, getabstract trusts they will forgive the book’s occasional information overlaps - hard to avoid with a collection of articles by different authors - and frequently return to this solid and specifically useful book.


Today’s new browser-based human resource (HR) portal technology is changing the way HR professionals manage human resources.

Information sharing is only part of this technological revolution. Now you can use point-and-click technology to place text, data and video on the Web, where it can be edited, stored, retrieved and shared. Given this direct access to information, managers and employees can make better, faster decisions about a variety of employment issues, such as hiring, retention, employee development and compensation. Often, employees can access information they need without unnecessary paperwork and without additional help from the HR department.

Depending on your needs, you can set up this system as an Intranet within your company, as an extranet with other companies or on the Internet, permitting even broader access. You can use passwords, encryption and firewalls to limit access to designated users.

These new HR technologies consist of a number of components linked through an HR data mart and HR applications. HR functions that can be linked include an HR service center, HR store, employee and manager self-service, distance learning ...

About the Author

Alfred J. Walker  is a senior fellow at Towers Perrin, one of the world’s largest human resources consulting firms. Walker is the global thought leader and leading technologist within the human resource administration group in the organization’s Technology Solutions practice. He specializes in the application of technology to HR and management functions. He has written more than 30 articles on HR-related topics and serves on the editorial board of several leading HR journals.

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