We’re All in This Together
A review of

We’re All in This Together

Creating a Team Culture of High Performance, Trust, and Belonging

Sports Teams and Business Teams

by David Meyer

Former professional athlete and self-help author Mike Robbins explains how lessons from sports teams can help business teams be more productive.

Mike Robbins, a former baseball pitcher for Stanford University and the Kansas City Royals minor league team, makes the case that effective teamwork is the backbone of successful business operations. He cautions that teamwork doesn’t come easily, especially in times of relentless change.

When teams work properly, Robbins attests, they leverage their members’ collective capabilities for the good of the overall organization. As a consultant and frequent keynote speaker, he details how companies can profit from the extraordinary impact of a great team and create a team-friendly corporate culture, the primary requirement for high-quality teams. While his contentions may not be entirely original, they are pertinent and useful.

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