Summary of What If We Replaced Politicians with Randomly Selected People

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What If We Replaced Politicians with Randomly Selected People summary
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Though liberal democracy is touted as the answer to all the world’s problems, it works better in theory than in practice. Many modern democracies breed corruption and inequality. So what’s the alternative? Authoritarianism? Activist Brett Hennig explores another path, sortition – that is, the selection of governors by random selection – an ancient concept that seems frivolous and quirky at first blush but gains weight as Hennig delves into how such a system could work. His offbeat presentation will appeal to students of political theory and citizens seeking change.

About the Speaker

Author and activist Brett Hennig is a co-founder of the Sortition Foundation, an organization that advocates for stratified random selection.



The 20th century was a triumph for democracy, which many view as the most preferential system of governance and the answer of the world’s most pressing problems – in theory. In practice, politicians often fail to secure the trust of the masses, and the democratic process has fallen prey to wealthy, powerful vested interests. Perhaps even more worrisome are the substantial problems – climate change, rising income disparity, the refugee crisis – that governments are responsible for solving. Can democracy in its current guise rise to the task? If not, how...

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