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What Meetings Reveal about Your Corporate Culture

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What Meetings Reveal about Your Corporate Culture

Meetings are opportunities, they’re not just about satisfying an objective. That’s why 10x meetings matter.


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Better meetings change corporate culture for the better.

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Working remotely doesn’t save you from excessive meetings. By Zoom or in a room, meetings often drain time and energy, with the loudest, most ambitious and most senior people present fighting for domination while everyone else mentally composes the three-line memo that could have replaced the meeting. How do you throw a meeting that is 10 times better – a “10x meeting” – than the usual? According to Darren Chait, meetings provide a microcosm of a company’s processes, dynamics and culture. He knows meetings – he’s the co-founder and COO of Hugo, a platform for sharing meeting notes. His guest post for Atlassian’s Work Life blog supplies actionable tips for achieving more effective meetings.


Meetings reveal your corporate culture.

If you wonder whether your company’s culture is healthy, evaluate your meetings. Corporate meetings reveal a company’s habits and the relationship dynamics among its individual employees. Meetings provide a window into the organization’s broader processes. Handled correctly, meetings can become a force for good that improves engagement and efficiency. In 2014, Ford CEO Alan Mulally said he turned the company around by “using meetings to improve company culture.”

Hugo, a platform for sharing meeting notes, strives for “10x meetings” – meetings that are 10 times more effective than normal meetings. Such meetings provide benefits that extend beyond the meeting itself. A 10x meeting “demonstrates and sets” organizational culture.

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About the Author

Darren Chait is the author of 10X Culture: The 4-Hour Meeting Week and 25 Other Secrets from Innovative, Fast-Moving Teams, and co-founder and COO of Hugo, a platform for sharing and collaborating on meeting notes.

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