Summary of What Olympians Can Teach the Rest of Us About Performing Under Pressure, According to a Sports Scientist

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What Olympians Can Teach the Rest of Us About Performing Under Pressure, According to a Sports Scientist summary

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Spectators watch the Olympics in awe as the athletes channel speed, strength, agility and endurance to extend the limits of what is humanly possible. A layperson might think that, in competition, elite athletes need to be completely in tune with their bodies. But journalist Jessica Stillman dispels that myth. Her quick take on how the world’s best athletes compete under pressure provides a lesson on focus that you can apply to performance in any field.

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Jessica Stillman is a writer and editor. Her daily column on focuses on making life more meaningful and impactful.


Elite athletes skillfully hone their focus to perform at their peak during competition.

Watching Olympic athletes compete at the highest level can leave a couch potato feeling humble. As you observe elite sportspeople stretch the boundaries of human capacity, have you ever wondered what they are thinking about? How do they keep their nerves in check as their years of training culminate in one final showdown?

Though most people will never attain the fitness of an Olympic athlete, the competitors can teach an important lesson...

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    M. P. 1 month ago
    I completely disagree as well. The fact that she doesn't talk about this as a dynamic process, where you involve rest, recovery and peak performance, and not only going at it at 100%, just tells me she doesn't see the full picture.
  • Avatar
    M. X. 1 month ago
    I disagree with this woman.

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