Summary of What Should You Do About Your Babysitter During Coronavirus?

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What Should You Do About Your Babysitter During Coronavirus? summary

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More and more parents now find themselves working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Those who have in-home child care might not feel the negative effects of school and day care closures as strongly as parents without nannies; yet bringing babysitters into their homes leaves many parents facing tough decisions regarding their family’s as well as their caregiver‘s health. In her New York Times article, science journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer offers some useful tips on how to maintain a safe environment for both families and caregivers during a pandemic.

About the Author

Melinda Wenner Moyer is a journalist who writes about science, health and nutrition. Her articles appear in Scientific American, Slate, Glamour and Bon Appétit.


Parents need to understand the risks of bringing caregivers into their home.

The coronavirus outbreak has brought about some major changes in many parents’ lives. With schools and day care centers closed, parents rely on babysitters to care for their kids, so the parents can work from home offices. But how do you keep the physical distance to avoid the risk of infection when the babysitter comes to your house? And how do parents ensure keeping both their families and the nannies safe and healthy?

Initial studies on how the coronavirus affects children show that most kids who do get sick suffer only mild or moderate symptoms. Yet even kids with mild or moderate symptoms can spread the infection to other people.


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