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What’s New and Next for M&A in Africa

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What’s New and Next for M&A in Africa

Boston Consulting Group,

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Though small, the African M&A market is one of the world’s most promising.

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Africa offers great opportunities in M&A for investors with patience and fortitude, according to this illuminating report from Boston Consulting Group professionals. Home-grown participants are assuming greater prominence in an arena in which multinationals have long dominated, and a young demographic and a growing consumer base are making Africa fertile ground for business opportunities. The potential for this continent is great, notwithstanding geopolitical risks and the scourge of COVID-19.


Africa presents both challenges and opportunities in mergers and acquisitions.

Africa is rapidly evolving, and so is its M&A potential. Growth in GDP has increased the value of deals by 15%, compounded annually, from 2000 to 2015. Current challenges to the continent’s rapid development include declining commodity prices and the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the persistence of certain critical factors will inform investors’ approach to deals in the future.

Commodities, including oil and gas, and telecommunications constituted more than half of Africa’s M&A ...

About the Authors

Seddik El Fihri et al. are partners and directors at the Boston Consulting Group. 

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