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When Millennials Take Over

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When Millennials Take Over

Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business


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For millennials, digital is the air they breathe. Everybody else had best start breathing it, too.

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Consultants Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant discuss four business competencies – in the light of their extensive research about millennials at work – that are crucial in today’s turbocharged commercial environment. Your firm must be “digital, clear, fluid” and “fast.” The authors explain how to incorporate these elements into your organization and why it matters. These are millennial priorities, and these grown children of the digital age will have an outsized influence on business in the years to come. Notter and Grant parse an important transition in the work world. getAbstract recommends this generational marker to executives and human resource officers, and to the millennials who, sooner or later, will fill those positions.


Can I Bring My Mom to the Job Interview?

You’re an HR professional who is responsible for screening and hiring new employees. One day, a young applicant for an opening in finance arrives for her job interview “with her Mom in tow.” You can’t believe the applicant’s inappropriate behavior. But, it may surprise you to know that nearly one out of 10 millennial job applicants has a parent come along on employment interviews.

Many older workers look askance at Gen Y employees, the millennials. They consider them spoiled, entitled and misguided. Many forget that about every two decades, a generation of young people joins the workforce. As they do, older employees react badly to the incursion. Older workers had best get used to millennials. They are entering the workforce during a transitional period of revolutionary change in the world of management, a change they’ve directly influenced.

A New World of Work

The radical transformation now underway is due to three factors:

  1. “The decline of traditional management” – Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of modern management, published The Principles of Scientific Management in...

About the Authors

Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant are the founding partners of Culture That Works and the co-authors of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

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    R. R. 6 years ago
    Nice to have a book which doesn't just paint Millennials as an unsolvable problem, but actually looks to understand us and get us engaged in the workplace.

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