Summary of When the Gospel of Minimalism Collides with Daily Life

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When the Gospel of Minimalism Collides with Daily Life summary
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Minimalism – a lifestyle in which you boil down your possessions to only what is necessary – allegedly liberates people from capitalist overindulgence and allows them to pursue true happiness. But as journalist Jacoba Urist reports, some minimalist converts haven’t found the fulfillment they sought. Rather, the minimalist movement has turned into fixation, an austere style of living that only the relatively well-off can afford. getAbstract believes Urist’s article will provide adherents, aspirants and skeptics of minimalism with some necessary perspective.

About the Author

Jacoba Urist is a journalist based in New York.



People who subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle believe that owning little frees them up to live more fully and happily. Minimalism has gained traction as a counterweight to excessive consumerism, with millions of people following Instagram posts tagged #minimalism and #minimalist. Moreover, research in psychology has found that spending money on experiences rather than material things increases life satisfaction.

However, some people who enthusiastically embraced minimalism, got rid of all unnecessary possessions and moved into compact homes found that the new lifestyle...

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