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Where the Water Goes book summary
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New Yorker staff writer David Owen’s treatise on water use in the Western United States reflects the treatment of fresh water sources all over the developed world. Owen puts a human face on competing water interests, revealing the nuanced complexity that so often surrounds resource allocation. He doesn’t identify good or bad guys – just thirsty people, thirsty crops and a lot of dead fish. getAbstract recommends Owen’s startling history of the Colorado River to policy makers, environmentalists, and all those who washed their face or brushed their teeth this morning.

In this book, you will learn

  • How hydrologists’ faulty forecasts in the 1920s produced the US Western states’ flawed water management system,
  • Why attempts to conserve water often produce counterintuitive environmental effects and
  • What states could do to meet a growing population’s need for water.

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