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Wherever You Go

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Wherever You Go

A Guide to Mindful, Sustainable, and Life-Changing Travel

Tiller Press,

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What's inside?

Former Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton argues that the world is smaller and friendlier than you might think.

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More casual light reading than practical globetrotting guide, Daniel Houghton’s collection of interviews with travel industry colleagues touches on why travel is important for personal growth. He explores how travel connects people and destroys barriers, and travel’s environmental and economic effects. He interviews Kevan Chandler, a disabled young man who traveled in a backpack carried by his friends and Laura Dekker, the youngest woman to solo circumnavigate the globe on a sailboat. Houghton’s book is recommended reading for people who make excuses to stay home.


Daniel Houghton’s parents worked in the travel industry, fostering his interest in travel from a young age.

Daniel Houghton’s parents worked for Delta Airlines. When he was in college, his parents had top seniority, and Houghton traveled as much as he could.

In college, Houghton spent time in South Africa, photographing safaris. After graduation, he spent a few months working for a pittance at a small Kentucky advertising agency before resigning to start his own content creation business. Houghton’s video production work for a local furniture company caught the attention of the reclusive billionaire, Mr. Kelley. He hired Houghton to work, among other projects, on producing travel-focused media. Travel was a great category for streaming services but most travel content was terrible. When Mr. Kelley decided to buy Lonely Planet (LP), he put Houghton, then 23, in charge of the company, which was struggling to adapt to the new digital environment.

As the CEO at Lonely Planet, Houghton traveled the world and learned about other cultures.

In his first few weeks on the job, Houghton traveled around the world ...

About the Author

Daniel Houghton is the former CEO of Lonely Planet. Forbes named him one of its “30 under 30” people to watch in media in 2017.

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