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Benjamin Franklin – a polymath, inventor and one of America’s Founding Fathers – displayed little aptitude as a youngster. Yet by following a path of continual and deliberate learning, he achieved extraordinary success across multiple disciplines. Following in Franklin’s footsteps may seem like a lofty target, but his formula for learning is surprisingly simple: Dedicate an hour per day to self-improvement. In an era of rapid transformation, optimizing learning techniques is a must for anyone participating in the workforce.


As a teenager, Benjamin Franklin displayed no discernible skill beyond his love of books. Yet upon his death, he was a highly regarded inventor, author, entrepreneur and politician. Franklin’s success is attributable to the “five-hour rule” – that is, dedicating an hour a day, five days a week, to deliberate learning. Franklin rose early each day to study. He identified virtues he wanted to practice and tracked his progress. He established a society of like-minded individuals who wanted to better themselves. He tested the validity of his ideas, and he took time each day to ask reflective questions. Setting aside time to study...

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