Summary of Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone – Men Included

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Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone – Men Included summary
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When he was a graduate student, sociologist Michael Kimmel realized that as a middle-class white man, he had naively worn blinders regarding issues of race, class and gender. He learned that “privilege is invisible to those who have it.” Three decades later, he lectures about the benefits of gender equality for women and men alike. getAbstract believes this witty, provocative talk will engage members of both sexes in the gender equality debate.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why recognizing gender inequality is the first step toward reducing it,
  • Why some men resist the idea of gender equality and
  • How gender equality benefits everyone.

About the Speaker

Sociologist and gender studies scholar Michael Kimmel wrote Angry White Men and Guyland.



In the 1980s, Michael Kimmel, then a graduate student in sociology, formed a feminist-theory study group with eleven female colleagues. During one study session, the group discussed female oppression. When a white woman stated her belief that all women experienced male domination in the same way, a black woman in the group disagreed. She remarked that as a member of the privileged class, the white woman didn’t see race; it was invisible to her. Yet because of her skin color, the black woman had to think about race every day. That was when Kimmel experienced an epiphany: He realized that as a middle-class white man, he rarely had to consider race, class or gender in his day-to-day life.


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