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You may recognize Justin Baldoni from a string of ultra-masculine movie and TV roles. Here, the actor takes the TED stage to show up authentically and sensitively as he presents an important challenge to his fellow men. Though Baldoni’s message is mainly for the men in the audience, everyone should consider watching and sharing.


Actor Justin Baldoni once believed that social belonging meant adhering to rigid notions of masculinity. Now he fosters a more balanced view of identity and personhood.

In his acting career, Justin Baldoni has tended to land powerful, ultra-masculine roles. His true self transcends such Hollywood typecasting, but Baldoni sees connections between how he has portrayed a scripted masculinity as an actor and in his personal life. Since Baldoni’s boyhood, society has pressured him to be a certain kind of man. His male friendships and social belonging hinged on rejecting anything feminine. Because society labels vulnerability as feminine, Baldoni felt compelled to maintain a pretense of confidence, strength and self-reliance, which even led him to resent his nurturing, gentle father.

After turning 30, Baldoni heeded his internal conflict and rejected all ...

About the Speaker

Actor, feminist and philanthropist Justin Baldoni rose to fame as a character on the TV program Jane the Virgin.

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