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Men’s movement guru Warren Farrell says don’t blame discrimination for the gap between men’s and women’s salaries. As he teaches women (and men, we suppose) tactics for bagging bigger bucks, he says that men earn more because women have a tendency - or perhaps a biological instinct - to prioritize family over career. Thus, Farrell maintains, women work shorter hours, take more parental leave, and are less productive, less well trained and less committed. If you are a male who has prioritized hearth and home, perhaps you have made some of the same choices that Farrell says cost women higher salaries. The book is full of footnotes, charts, graphs and sidebars, as Farrell cites U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data (as well as, occasionally, himself). However, his analysis of the numbers usually hinges more on single studies or interviews, personal experiences, newspaper articles and conversations than on historic, social or economic trends that offer deeper explanations. Farrell outlines some real factors - danger, discomfort, late hours and heavy lifting - which increase the pay for certain jobs. He tells women that they can earn more by entering nontraditional fields. recommends this book primarily for readers at the start of their careers or in the midst of transitions where lifestyle and financial considerations compete. Though the information about salary-based job searching is practical, if you see the world through egalitarian or feminist lenses, you may find yourself getting a little testy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What 25 steps women can take to make more money;
  • How to weigh career decisions that involve trade-offs affecting your work-life balance;
  • What contradictions are inherent in men’s and women’s traditional roles; and
  • How feminism has misrepresented women’s true position in the workplace.

About the Author

Warren Farrell is the author of several books on men in the U.S., including Why Men Are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power. He has appeared on Oprah and Larry King Live.



The Problem with Doing Work You Love

"Following your bliss" is not the path to becoming rich. However, that does not mean that you must spend your life doing a job you hate in order to earn a good wage. By learning more about the kinds of jobs that are available, and by analyzing your field to discover which specialties pay the best and in which settings, you can achieve a better balance between family and career, and earn a higher salary.

You may have to make some sacrifices, such as relocating or working the night shift. But women, in particular, who conduct this kind of job analysis will discover that the salary gap does not stem from discrimination, but rather from women’s and men’s disparate approaches to work. Once they understand this, women will stop feeling victimized and will bring fewer lawsuits, which intimidate companies and make them reluctant to hire women.

"25 Ways" to Make More Money

Women can take 25 steps to improve their earning capacity. These steps may affect your job choices, training, commute and work conditions. While they may call upon you to work harder, longer or with more risk, they can help you balance home and work, and ...

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