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Those holding a bachelor of arts often argue for the importance of the humanities. Less common is hearing this argument from a co-founder of an IBM company. That twist makes Eric Berridge’s talk intriguing, and his experience and delivery make it fun. Berridge blends research with personal anecdotes as he explains “why tech needs the humanities.” getAbstract recommends this talk to anyone interested in tech, education or optimizing a workforce.

About the Speaker

Entrepreneur Eric Berridge is the co-founder of Bluewolf, an IBM company and strategic partner of Salesforce.



Software consulting agency Bluewolf had a client with a problem that the agency couldn’t solve. The client was on the edge of firing Bluewolf. As Bluewolf staffers were commiserating in a bar after work, Jeff the bartender joked that they should send him to the client. The next morning, lacking any better solutions, they indeed sent Jeff. He wasn’t a programmer. He had been a philosophy major before dropping out of college. But he was brilliant and helped the client see the problem in new ways. Jeff even determined how to program the solution.


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