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Modern American society holds corporate success to one standard – profit generation. This mania has widened the income gap, which, in turn, has worsened every societal ill. Billionaire philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones II offers a solution – a “Just Index.” By measuring corporate success by a variety of social benchmarks, the Just Index uses capitalism’s own principles to reintroduce humanity into corporate behavior. getAbstract recommends Tudor’s impassioned speech to concerned capitalists who heed economist Adam Smith’s warning: “If [justice] is removed, the great, the immense fabric of human society…must in a moment crumble into atoms.”

About the Speaker

Paul Tudor Jones II is the founder of the Tudor Investment Corporation and the Robin Hood Foundation.



Capitalism promotes a survival-of-the-fittest battle for profits. In recent decades, the capitalist system has become unbalanced and destructive. Today, investors’ focus lies firmly on profit generation above all else. Society judges companies and corporations on the short-term balance sheet, a dehumanizing scale that caring people would reject in any other context. For example, people value each other based on behavior, not credit score. Yet the only measure for companies is the profits they generate, regardless of their corporate behavior. Moreover, society is paying a steep ...

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