Why You Eat What You Eat
A review of

Why You Eat What You Eat

The Science Behind Our Relationship with Food

Rachel HerzW.W. Norton • 2017

Yum Yum

by David Meyer

Neuroscientist Rachel Herz presents fascinating facts about food and your body and your psychology’s relationship to it.

TEDx speaker Dr. Rachel Herz, a neuroscientist specializing in perception and emotion at Brown University and Boston College, has published more than 85 original research papers, and consults on smell, taste, food and flavor. An expert on links between emotions and sensations, she draws on compelling research into the nexus of food and behavior. 

Herz illuminates why you crave chocolate when you’re in love. She explains your complex love-hate relationship with food, which advertising, body image self-consciousness and social pressure fuel and sustain. 

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