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Why You Hate Work

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Why You Hate Work

The New York Times,

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Work doesn’t have to be drudgery. Find out how you can reinvigorate your employees and grow your business.

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Overworked and unrefreshed, employees today are in danger of burnout. New technologies encourage workers to work long after they leave the office. Productivity suffers. Morale suffers. To counter these negative effects, business experts Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath explain how engaging employees helps boost moods, fuel productivity and rake in profits. Many business leaders may think they already understand this concept, but Schwartz and Porath challenge them to put their thoughts into action. getAbstract recommends this useful essay to supervisors and managers sensing employee burnout.


Only 30% of US employees “feel engaged at work.” A survey by The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review found workers were happiest and most effective when their needs were fulfilled. Supervisors can foster more engaged employees by: 1) encouraging workday breaks and time off to recharge, 2) helping staffers feel appreciated for their work, 3) giving them opportunities to focus, and 4) connecting their efforts to wider goals. Investing in your employees' motivation pays off: According to...

About the Authors

Tony Schwartz is The Energy Project’s chief executive. Christine Porath is a business professor at Georgetown University.

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