Social entrepreneur Mohammad Modarres shines a light on an industry that’s on the cusp of ecological and economic disaster. His suggestion for mitigating catastrophe is simple and actionable: Shop at your local farmers market. In the United States, where some 23 million people live in food deserts that lack access to supermarkets and fresh produce of any kind, shopping at farmers markets may seem like a lofty goal to many. But Modarres’s arguments are as compelling as his statistics are depressing. Those in a position to do so may want to heed his call.


A handful of corporations controls America’s food supply chain, leaving many US farmers struggling to afford the food they grow.

Banking isn’t the only industry that’s produced players that are too big to fail; Big Agriculture is guilty of the same transgression. The top 1% of Big Ag corporations owns most of the industry’s assets, and attempts to regulate these giants of industry have inadvertently harmed small farmers, many of whom struggle to stay afloat before finally filing for bankruptcy.

In the 1980s, similar conditions led to the commodity market crash. Interest rates doubled, and many farmers lost their livelihoods. Today, Big Ag conglomerates control the entire supply...

About the Speaker

Social entrepreneur and public health practitioner Mohammad Modarres founded Abe’s Eats, which produces “interfaith meat” that’s both halal and kosher.

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