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Will the Future Be Human?

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Will the Future Be Human?

World Economic Forum,

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The few people and corporations that own the world’s data will shape the future of life.

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In this stunning talk from Davos 2018, historian Yuval Harari says that those who control data will shape the future. He explains that humanity will soon have the data and technology to plot its own evolution or its downfall, so data need regulation. getAbstract recommends this video to anyone interested in technology, government, ethics and freedom.


Today’s humans may be among the last homo sapiens. Consider how unlike humans are from their ancestors, chimpanzees. In one or two centuries, entities just as different from humans will reign. Researchers will soon “engineer bodies and brains and minds.” The 21st-century economy will hinge on these new commodities. Whoever controls data will decide how future entities look and the nature of life for all. Historically, when a powerful few claimed society’s most valuable assets, such as land or machinery, social classes resulted. If just a few people seize control of data, the result will be a split among species.

Computing power and ample biometric data make it possible to

About the Speaker

Historian Yuval Noah Harari is the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus.

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